UNYQ designed for Ottobock

Three inspiring cover designs now available

the global leader in prosthetics and UNYQ,
the pioneer in personalized prosthetics announced their strategic
partnership in June 2015 to provide stylish cosmetic covers to lower
limb amputees.

The first three designs named “Coral”, “Reed” and “Camellia” of the
“UNYQ designed for Ottobock” collection are now available from www.unyq.com.
Catering towards different tastes these first Special Editions are
inspired by a current color and fashion trends.

The “Coral” design reflects the silence of a coral reef and the
brilliance of deep ocean colors. The “Reed” design is simple and elegant
resembling the filigree structure of a blade of grass. The playful and
feminine “Camellia” design captures the essence of a rose garden. All
designs, as typical for UNYQ, are available in different color
combinations and with different finishing options.

“We hope to cater to a broad range of tastes with these editions,
wishing that they enable amputees to bring their very own fashion
statement to the prosthetic technology Ottobock provides,” says Dr. Falk
Berster, Business Unit Director, Ottobock.

“These designs are the first fruits of a very creative collaboration and
we are just at the beginning of this exciting journey. Amputees can now
look forward to more choice in the form of Special Editions designed to
reflect the Ottobock visual product language,” says Eythor Bender, CEO,

Both companies are continuously and with enthusiasm working hand in hand
on optimizing these 3D printed products. This is already resulting in
new product features including newly designed knee bumpers to better
protect the prosthetic covers from scratches.

“We are proud to introduce another functional element in parallel to the
first Ottobock designs. We are steadily looking for potential
improvements for our covers to make the handling for the amputee and
technicians even easier and to make them even more durable. The bumpers
are robust while at the same time integrating a new design element into
the overall prosthetic cover design,” states Manuel Boza, Chief Creative
Officer of UNYQ.

For the first 12 months the bumpers will be exclusively available with
“UNYQ designed for Ottobock” prosthetic covers.

For more information and to see all the designs visit http://shop.unyq.com/collections/unyq-designed-for-ottobock


Media Contact:
for UNYQ
Diane Murphy
Evy Wilkins