Vearlo’s Mission is Love

Love Note Scheduler exclusively for Android™ on Google

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#android–Vearlo has sent forth the Love Note Scheduler for Android
to help you succeed in your mission of love. Today marks the end of all
excuses for not telling someone you love them. Although you don’t have
to use that specific four letter word to convey your feelings. Vearlo
has plenty of quips (textable notes) to help you out.

Love is a universal theme that doesn’t need to only be associated with
your closest, most intimate relationships. Let everyone you care about
know you’re thinking of them, more than the once or twice you might
actually see, or speak to them in a year. The more engaged you are, the
deeper your relationships can become. Sharing is caring!

The Love Note Scheduler from Vearlo is a simple but effective tool for
building stronger relationships. By scheduling quips up to a year in
advance, your chance of forgetting a special occasion is significantly
reduced. You can fully express yourself either by leveraging the
impressive and growing repertoire of quips available within Vearlo, or
by writing you own. Vearlo uses your existing contacts and text
messaging applications. The recipients don’t need to have Vearlo to see
the messages you send and schedule. As a matter of fact, unless you tell
them, they probably won’t know you’re using Vearlo. Don’t forget another
anniversary, birthday, holiday, special occasion or just thinking of you.

There are no ads in Vearlo. You can send as many messages, to as many of
your family and friends as you want, with the Send Now frequency. You
can also schedule, up to 12 messages, to anyone with the One Time, Every
Day, Every Week or Every Month options. Premium subscription options
will allow you to schedule more. All of the quips in the pre-populated
Repertoire are available to use as well. Keep in mind that your text
messaging rates will apply.

Vearlo’s world premiere of the Love Note Scheduler is available
exclusively on Google
. So be sure to tell someone you love them, EVERY DAY, with

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Vearlo is in the business of spreading love across the planet.

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