Veteran Jobs Mission: New Name, New Goal for Hiring One Million U.S. Military Veterans

Coalition, co-founded by JPMorgan Chase, has hired nearly 300,000
Veterans since 2011 and pledges to increase focus on performance and
career development of Veterans

Jobs Mission
today announced a new goal and name for the coalition
of companies committed to employing U.S. military Veterans. Beginning
today, the coalition will be renamed the Veteran
Jobs Mission
and commit itself to collectively hiring a total
of one million military Veterans. This new commitment reflects the
coalition’s longstanding commitment to support Veterans and their

Since its founding in 2011 by 11 corporations, the newly-renamed Veteran
Jobs Mission has grown to over 200 companies that have together – as of
September 30, 2015 – hired nearly 300,000 Veterans. The coalition
reached its original goal of hiring 100,000 Veterans in early 2014 and
increased its goal to 300,000 in early 2015. Representing almost every
industry in the U.S. economy, the coalition’s efforts have contributed
to the sharp decline in the unemployment
rate for post 9/11 Veterans
, from just over 12
percent in 2011
to 5 percent as of September 2015.

“I am thrilled that the Veteran Jobs Mission is raising the bar for
companies across the country by pledging to hire one million veterans
and military spouses,” said First Lady Michelle Obama. “This is
an incredible commitment – and I know that these companies aren’t doing
it just because it’s the right thing to do for our country. They’re
doing it because it’s the right thing to do for their bottom line. Our
veterans and military spouses are some of the most dynamic, dedicated,
and highly skilled individuals in America – and I want to thank the
Veteran Jobs Mission for all they’re doing to help these men and women
continue to serve this nation in the years and decades ahead.”

“I’m incredibly grateful to the business community for its continued
efforts to support programs that recruit, train, and retain our
transitioning service members and Veterans,” said Acting Under
Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Brad Carson
. “The
private sector has recognized the wealth of values and skills our brave
men and women have brought to their organizations, and, through
commitments like these, they are able to continue to tap into this
talent. It is not only for the good of their businesses, however; it is
for the good of our service members and for the good of the nation.”

The unemployment
for the youngest groups of post 9/11 Veterans remains high at
14.9 percent (ages 20-24) and 6.9 percent (ages 25-29) as of September
2015. Hispanic and African-American post 9/11 Veterans also continue to
experience higher than average unemployment rates.

“The new name and goal for the Veteran Jobs Mission is reflective of its
success over the past several years as well as a pledge to continue
providing meaningful job opportunities for transitioning
servicemembers,” said Ross Brown, Director of Military and Veterans
Affairs, JPMorgan Chase & Co., a founding company of the Veteran Jobs
. “Our youngest Veterans continue to face challenges finding
work, so there is much more the Veteran Jobs Mission can do to tackle
this problem. With more than 200,000
servicemembers transitioning
from active duty each year, employers
must redouble efforts to make Veterans’ transitions to civilian careers

Addressing Veteran Employment and Retention

In addition to a new commitment of hiring a total of one million
Veterans, the Veteran Jobs Mission will increase its focus on the
engagement and career development of Veterans in the private sector.
This includes helping Veterans better adapt to the workplace by
establishing training, mentoring and other critical onboarding programs.

A recent
from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF)
at Syracuse University and VetAdvisor revealed an association between
Veteran job tenure and alignment with desired career fields. Veterans
often have difficulty in the first two years post-service matching their
capabilities, career aspirations and geographic location with job
opportunities. Further, a 2014 report from the RAND
that performed qualitative interviews with members of
the Veteran Jobs Mission found that Veterans were eager for more career
development and support programs.

To support the Veteran Jobs Mission’s effort to address this issue, the
Center for a New American Security will conduct additional research on
performance, career development and retention to be released in 2016.

“Tremendous work has been done by the Veteran Jobs Mission and others to
change the way Veterans are perceived by employers,” said Phillip
Carter, Senior Fellow and Counsel, Center for a New American Security
“Now, employers want to better understand how Veterans perform in the
workplace and what steps can be taken to help them further excel. Our
research will look closely at the performance, career development and
retention of Veterans in the private sector, and the best practices
Veterans and employers can leverage to achieve the best possible
outcomes for Veterans, companies and the nation as a whole.”

The coalition recently instituted industry-focused subgroups to increase
collaboration and best practices among member companies. Some coalition
companies do have Veterans-focused employee resource groups and
mentoring programs to aid retention and development efforts.

Resources from the Veteran Job Mission

As the Veteran Jobs Mission has evolved, the coalition has aggregated
and developed useful tips and resources for Veterans seeking to attain
the education and skills needed to find and secure meaningful
post-separation employment. The coalition has also developed resources
to educate corporate human resources professionals on how to optimize
their Veterans hiring practices.

A few of the many resources available to companies that are part of the
Veteran Job Mission include:

New Coalition Members

Each month, additional U.S. businesses – spanning different geographies
and industry sectors – are joining the Veteran Jobs Mission. To help
hire one million Veterans, recent additions to the coalition include
PepsiCo, JLL, Southwest Airlines, MGM Resorts International and Stanley
Black and Decker.

“Southwest Airlines has a huge Heart for our Military. We are committed
to hiring, training, and retaining our Veterans, and it is important to
become a member of a coalition of employers who share the same
commitment. We are excited about becoming a member of the Veteran Jobs
Mission and having the opportunity to collaborate and share best
practices with hundreds of other companies who have the same passion and
commitment for hiring Veterans,” said Tina Clanton, Military and
Veteran Liaison for Southwest Airlines
. “Military Veterans are
highly trained and skilled men and women who uphold the same values we
look for in a Southwest Employee: a Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart and
a Fun-LUVing attitude. Hiring them is good for our company and for our
country. Our colors may be blue, red, and yellow, but our support is for
the red, white, and blue.”

“Veterans have long been a valuable part of MGM Resorts International’s
workforce,” said Ondra Berry, senior vice president of talent
management and organizational performance for MGM Resorts, and a
brigadier general in the Nevada Air National Guard.
“We’re proud to
be a member of the Veteran Jobs Mission coalition so that we can
continue to ensure that there are good civilian careers for the men and
women who selflessly serve our country.”

“Stanley Black & Decker realized instantly the value of the Veteran Jobs
Mission,” said Ralph Doran, Director of Talent Management for Stanley
Black & Decker
. “The irony of the Mission is that our Veterans
are some of the most talented individuals you will ever meet. Their work
ethic, integrity and selfless dedication to the success of their team
make them a natural fit for our company values. But even more impressive
is the leadership development they receive, their ability to lead change
at a fast pace and their agility to change directives as fast as the
markets. While Veteran resumes may not read like the natural industry
progressions we see in other talent pools, their results clearly reflect
everything we are looking for. The Mission is a safe harbor for us to
learn, refine and evaluate our strategies as they relate to Veteran
Engagement. It isn’t just about targeting and hiring, but aiding in the
transition and leveraging Veteran Talent to grow our organization with
the right talent for competing in the marketplace.”

About the Veteran Jobs Mission

Launched in 2011 as the 100,000 Jobs Mission, the Veteran Jobs Mission
brings together companies committed to hiring U.S. military Veterans.
Eleven co-founders established the coalition – AT&T, Broadridge
Financial Solutions, Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Cushman & Wakefield Inc.,
EMC Corporation, Iron Mountain Incorporated, JPMorgan Chase & Co.,
Modis, NCR Corporation, Universal Health Services, Inc., and Verizon
Communications Inc.

Since then, more than 200 companies have joined and altogether they have
hired nearly 300,000 U.S. military Veterans, as of October 2015. Members
also regularly meet to share best practices to help new companies
institute their hiring programs. Visit

1 GAO, Veterans’ Employment and Training: Better Targeting,
Coordinating, and Reporting Needed to Enhance Program Effectiveness,
GAO-13-29 (Washington, D.C.: Dec 13, 2012).


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