VI Aesthetics New Research Center Releases Results of First Patient Study

94% of Subjects Reported Their Skin Looked More Radiant after the
VI Peel

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VI Aesthetics the creator of the first painless chemical peel has
conducted a two-phase survey of the experience and outcome of the VI
Peel® with over 100 subjects. VI Aesthetics offers a full portfolio of
powerful professional treatments for patients to experience in office.
In addition to the VI Peels ®, VI Aesthetics offers a comprehensive
skincare line (VI Derm®) to enhance and extend the results of the
chemical peel and to optimize skin health. As skin matures it may
transform for various reasons. Chemical peels are among the most
effective dermatologic treatments to assist with collective skin
deterioration from medical conditions, environmental aggressors, sun
exposure, and other circumstances that accelerate the aging process.
According to ASAPS annual survey chemical peels are the 4th most common
noninvasive procedure done with over one million performed each year.

The purpose of the VI Study survey was to capture patient feedback of
the benefits of a chemical peel process; during and after. Phase one of
the survey captured what subjects thought they would experience versus
what they actually experienced in regards to discomfort and time when
receiving the VI Peel. VI Aesthetics found that 63% of women had not had
a chemical peel in their lifetime, but found that 98% considered the
procedure and application of the VI Peel to be non-painful, with 94%
reporting that they had little to no discomfort. The VI Aesthetics
survey also determined that 95% of women who receive the VI Peel®
claimed that their skin looked refreshed and better than before the peel.

The second phase of the survey was intended to capture outcomes related
to subject’s concerns and their interpretation of how they feel their
skin improved. The efficacy data was remarkably in favor for one to have
a VI Peel®. As 93% claimed that they visually saw a difference in the
texture and smoothness in their skin, while 94% stated that their skin
looked radiant and more improved. Marya Khalil, CEO and President,
states, “We are devoted to addressing acne and pigmentation, reversing
the signs of aging, and repairing sun damage through our professional
revolutionary skincare systems that promises results. We are ecstatic
with the results of our first study. The data confirms that our subjects
love their stunning transformations and that they feel the VI Peel was a
very positive experience.”

Chemical peels are used to improve the appearance of pigment in the
skin, acne scars, mild sun damage, and fine wrinkles in all skin types.
Skin techniques to prevent signs of aging are most important to women,
the VI Aesthetics survey found that 88% of women feel an improvement in
the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eye area after
receiving a VI Peel®. Acne treatment and healthy looking skin are some
other skin concerns for women. The survey showed that 96% of women who
used the VI Peel® noticed a change in size of the areas with pigment and
acnes marks, with an overall 92% reduction in pimples after use of the
peel. Those who are concerned with hyperpigmentation and received the VI
Peel® demonstrated a 97% improvement to pigmented areas.

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