What Women Want: Facial Aesthetics Survey Reveals Aesthetic Procedures Women Wish Their Men Would Consider

Spare tire, facial skin care, top list of female concerns from survey
conducted during Men’s Health Month

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MensAesthetics–A new Facebook survey conducted by Facial
in Denver reveals that women wish their guys would pay a
little more attention to certain parts of their bodies. The survey,
conducted during Men’s
Health Month
, found that “the spare tire” and “facial wear and tear”
topped the list of concerns.

The survey titled “What
Aesthetic Treatment Would Make Your Man Look Sexier?
” asked women a
series of questions about how their guys could take better care of
themselves with aesthetic procedures.

When asked to complete the sentence: “When I look at my guy’s abdomen…”
nearly 60 percent (57.7%) of respondents said the first phrase that came
to mind was “spare tire.” When asked about “the skin on my guy’s face,”
more than 75 percent (76.1%) said it was showing signs of wear and tear.
Other areas of concern included body hair and skin around the eyes.

“While our survey is fun and nonscientific, we think it’s also quite
revealing, especially for some men out there,” said Facial Aesthetics
President and Founder Pamela Hill, R.N. “Men are more open to aesthetic
procedures today, and more insight into what women really want from
their man can help them make the right decision when it comes to what
procedures they might choose.”

When it comes to aging, one telling question asked was, “When I think
about the skin around my guy’s eyes, I make this comparison” (from best
to worst): with 31 percent saying their guys’ eyes were just like a
“greyhound puppy (tight and wrinkle free),” 57 percent responding
“golden retriever (has fine lines and some wrinkles)” and 12 percent
choosing “Shar-Pei (excess skin and very wrinkled).”

While over 50 percent (56.6%) of women answered “Just Right” when asked
about their man’s body hair, nearly 70 percent selected laser
hair removal
as an aesthetic treatment they’d like their guys to
have. This would likely be attributed to the other respondents who
answered the question: “When it comes to body hair, my guy is:”

Other aesthetic treatments that make the “hot list” for men to consider
based on female opinion are: body fat removal using CoolSculpting®
(64%), skin smoothing with a hydrafacial
(61%), and laser
(combined 88%).

The survey asked about sun care, too. When it comes to sunscreen and
Colorado’s high-altitude climate, surprisingly, more than 30 percent of
women said their guys think “I don’t need that stuff.” Results found
that most men only feel the need to apply sunscreen while in the sun
(50%), yet some (20%) do apply it daily.

“Men are discovering that they, too, can start early with good skin care
and develop lifelong habits that lead to healthier, younger looking
skin,” said Hill. “But there is definitely still room for improvement.”

The self-selecting, voluntary Facebook survey of 70 respondents was
conducted between June 3 and June 14, 2016. For more information about
men’s aesthetic treatments, visit the Men’s
page at Facial Aesthetics.

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