Zocular® Introduces Okra-Infused ZocuZap™: Manages Acne, Improves Skin Tone and Texture…..Naturally

Doctor-developed, Botanical-based Formula is Gentle and Effective

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#acneZocuZap™ is a revolutionary new product for addressing acne that
does not rely on conventional and often irritating drugs like benzoyl
peroxide or antibiotics and retinoid derivatives to achieve visible and
dramatic results. Instead, ZocuZap™ (www.zocular.com),
utilizes an advanced, patent-pending formula that is gentle and
non-irritating to the skin and eyes to naturally address the source of
the problem related to acne.

Following the successful introduction of the ZocuWipe™ for dry
eye symptoms, Zocular, the company founded by leading Houston
ophthalmologist Dr. Peter Pham, is now launching ZocuZap™
following his discovery that the same disease mechanism that causes acne
also leads to dry eyes.

“Acne and dry eyes have always been treated as two distinct problems by
two different medical specialties,” explains Dr. Pham. “The Zocular
formulation in ZocuZap™ fuses eye care with skin care and allows it to
be used around the eyes and on the eyelids without the burning or
irritation associated with the usual acne products.”

ZocuZap’s botanical-based formula includes okra, aloe leaf juice,
raspberry seed oil, and citrus peel extract. Okra offers various
anti-aging benefits because it is enriched with: hyaluronic acid;
vitamins C and E, which have antioxidant properties; vitamin B3
decreases dark spots and inflammation; beta-carotene reduces wrinkles
and unclogs pores; and palmitic, lineolic and oleic acids, which hydrate
and nourish the skin.

ZocuZap™ towelettes are available without a prescription and are
very simple to use – just one wipe once a day is all it takes to see
dramatic improvements in facial appearance within days.

Lacee Curlee, a Houston surgical tech, has long been suffering from
severe facial acne and had been taking irritating prescription medicines
that unsuccessfully treated her acne. After three weeks of using
ZocuZap, Lacee has been able to stop taking her prescribed meds and she
says, “My acne is under control by just using one ZocuZap towelette once
a day!” (Other testimonials here: https://www.zocular.com/testimonials.php).

Dr. Pham states, “You can achieve maximum results with these
ground-breaking, okra-based Zocular products that gently and effectively
manage both acne and dry eye issues naturally.”

ZocuZap™ towelettes are available at zocular.com
(retail $37.98 / 15 towelettes per box) and on amazon.com.

For more information about Zocular products and to purchase, please
visit www.zocular.com.


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