Zonar Announces MyBusVue App for Up-To-The-Minute Visibility of School Bus Location

MyBusVue Delivers Peace of Mind to Parents, Caregivers and
Administrators with Real-Time Bus Location App

a leading transportation technology company with solutions installed on
one out of every three school buses on the road in North America,
announced today the limited beta launch with key accounts of MyBusVue,
a mobile and web application that provides peace of mind to parents and
school administrators as children are being transported between school
and home. MyBusVue communicates up-to-the-minute school bus location
directly to parents’, caregivers’ and school administrators’ smartphones
and computers via interactive maps.

“MyBusVue eliminates worry about children getting to and from school,”
said William
, senior vice president of pupil transportation, Zonar
Systems. “Now parents can easily view their child’s trip to, and arrival
at, school. School districts benefit as well. MyBusVue provides
real-time access to transportation information, which decreases call
volumes while increasing efficiency, quality of service and customer

MyBusVue is easy to use and has multi-factor authentication for secure
access. Interactive maps with estimated time of arrival (ETA)
information allows parents and caregivers to make educated data-driven
decisions based on bus arrival times. These decisions include when to
arrive at a stop for pick-up or drop-off, when a child should be
arriving at home or school, and appropriate preparation for inclement
weather or other bus stop conditions. For parents with more than one
child, the app can be set up for multiple stops and bus locations that
are updated and recalculated seamlessly to give users the most accurate
information available.

MyBusVue adds an additional layer of safety for students transitioning
between school and home. School district employees can quickly convey
information about a student’s location, and share with parents how to
see this information using the app.

“With over 30 years’ experience in the school bus industry, I can say
with the utmost confidence that being able to tell parents that, with a
few taps on their phone, they can know where their child’s bus is will
reduce the number of frantic calls school administrators receive about a
child’s location when the bus is running a few minutes late,” said H.
Kevin Mest, senior vice president of business development, Zonar
Systems. “School administrators will be able to quantify the decrease in
call volumes. But what they can’t measure, and is even more valuable, is
the reassurance MyBusVue provides parents that their children are safe.
I love that we are alleviating worry and stress from the lives of
families by providing a more transparent and communicative tool about
their children’s location.”

MyBusVue also works hand in hand with Zonar’s Z
, which provides the highest levels of rider visibility. Z Pass
is an additional value add that includes RFID-enabled passes that the
students carry and swipe as they board and depart the bus, giving
parents notifications with details on where and when their child scanned
his or her card.

About the App:

MyBusVue is available as either a web application or as a native app at
the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay. For more information, visit: www.zonarsystems.com/bus.

MyBusVue will be available for demo at the 2015
NAPT Summit
What: MyBusVue to be demoed at NAPT
NAPT, Richmond, VA, Booth # 923
When: November 10th
at 11:00 am ET

About Zonar

Zonar is a transportation technology company that helps public and
private fleet managers improve regulatory compliance, increase fleet
efficiency and improve safety. Fleets utilize Zonar’s solutions to
capture vehicle and GPS-related data that integrate with other backend
systems or are viewed through Zonar’s web-based Ground Traffic Control
application. The telematics platform includes an onboard system that
captures data directly from the vehicle’s engine and sub-systems, as
well as external GPS satellite data. In conjunction with the telematics
platform, the mobile platform includes user-enabled devices that capture
information supplied by a driver, operator or rider. Identifying the
right data for a fleet’s specific needs is an important step in the
process. Zonar helps fleets determine their data and telematics needs
and create information streams that improve decision-making. For more
information about Zonar Systems, go to www.zonarsystems.com.


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